Upcoming Events


Our virtual mentor sessions for 2020-2021 are underway! We had a strong fall semester and are eager to continue our mentoring in the spring semester. It is never too late for new mentors to join, so feel free to sign up today!

Mentors have the option of attending on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Whichever day you select should be consistent for the entire spring semester, so you can work with the same mentors and students each week. Sessions begin at 5:00pm and conclude at 6:30pm each week.

Each week, mentors partner with other industry professionals to guide students through interactive activities, real-life projects, and so much more. We meet on Zoom each week to hear from guest speakers from the industry as a large group and then breakout into smaller groups to work on activities and projects.

2020-2021 SCHEDULE