Strategic Plan



ACE Mentor Program Houston is committed to better serving our students, mentors, and community. In 2022, the Executive Board of Directors approved a three year strategic plan to guide our efforts and operations for the next chapter of the organization. We commit to the following:


  • By 2025, ACE Houston will serve over 400 students each year

  • By 2025, ACE Houston will partner with over 175 mentors to engage, excite, and enlighten our students to pursue careers in the AEC industry

  • By 2025, ACE Houston will raise $225,000 in philanthropic support in order to improve and expand the overall student experience


  • Grow fundraising pipeline and donations by increasing network of company sponsors, pursuing grant opportunities, and establishing an individual donation initiative

  • Improve structure of fundraising processes


  • Develop and steward meaningful relationships with schools, districts, and communities to maintain consistent participation and improve the overall student experience

  • Create a structure for student outreach efforts


  • Establish structure for planning, attending, and executing successful events for sponsors, students, and mentors, including the development of an annual calendar at the beginning of the fiscal year that establishes costs and aligns with budgeting cycle

  • Implement annual ACE Houston signature event in alignment with fundraising goals


  • Establish ACE as an integral piece of company culture in the AEC community

  • Create partnerships with other industry-focused community, educational, and professional organizations

  • Create a structure for corporate outreach efforts, including systems for tracking success and tools for volunteers


  • Establish a communications plan with strategic objectives, target audience, messaging, content, and channels

  • Strengthen and leverage our branding to advance our mission and impact, including the development of an annual impact report


  • Develop structured processes for scholarship applications, awards, and disbursements to align with yearly calendar

  • Establish a collection of industry-relevant scholarships and provide support throughout application process


  • Leverage the resources of the AEC community to ensure relevant and current curriculum content and a diverse range of guest speakers to maximize the student exposure to a range of disciplines

  • Establish a database of resources for mentors to utilize in sessions


  • Provide college and career support to ACE alumni, including access to internships, scholarships, and continued mentoring

  • Establish an alumni network to advance our overall impact


  • Establish alignment between Executive Board roles, Associate Board roles, and Executive Director role to foster communication, set clear expectations, and improve understanding of the program’s needs

  • Recruit industry leaders to the Executive Board in alignment with racial, ethnic, and discipline-specific diversity, operational, and fundraising goals